Legeris for SharePoint Support Documentation

Legeris for SharePoint Support Documentation


Legeris for SharePoint Support Documentation

Legeris for SharePoint Support Documentation

Please download copies of the User, Installation and Configuration Guide along with the Legeris Document Analysis spreadsheet. 

The supported versions of Legeris for SharePoint include: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. Legeris for SharePoint is not SharePoint Edition dependant and works exactly the same on both Foundation and Server editions. 

The spreadsheet will help you to prepare for Legeris by identifying the documents, libraries and/or content types that will participate in the process.

Download - Full User, Installation and Configuration Guide

Download - Quick Start Guide

Download - Quick Installation Guide

Download - Legeris Analysis spreadsheet


Using the Legeris Analysis spreadsheet

The spreadsheet can divided into four key parts as demonstrated below:

Identify the content that will be selected by Legeris. That might be an individual Document, all documents of a particular Content Type or all documents in a library.

Define whether a Notification, Acknowledgment and/or Questionnaire will be used. In addition, determine how long the user will have to complete the task from the point of notification.



The spreadsheet will validate the information provided to ensure the minimum information is provided. If a site or library is defined more than once it will let you know as you can save time with administration by using 'templates'.

The spreadsheet will determine if the all the necessary information is provided and warn you if anything has been missed. 

Finally, with all the information provided, assuming it's validated, the necessary instructions are provided with a link to the appropriate worksheet and the embedded document.