SharePoint alerts and their limitations

SharePoint alerts have provided a great way to communicate to users of New or Updated items in a SharePoint library. However, alerts are not without their limitations, such as; alert e-mail cannot be customised and there is no way to centrally manage them. 

Legeris for SharePoint - Free Notification Feature

The team at SP Additions have produced a solution that not only provides the ability to produce custom e-mail templates, but also provides a Settings List to manage the Notifications for any library within a single site collection.

How does Legeris for SharePoint work?

With the Feature enabled in a Site, you can selectively choose which libraries you wish to enable the feature on. The first library enabled will create a Legeris Settings list; each subsequent library enabled can use the same settings list.

The Legeris Settings list contains several content types, which are referred to as Reading Categories. A Reading Category applies the rules for sending a notification. You could quite simply get a notification sent for every document within the SharePoint Library. However, Legeris for SharePoint can be configured to be more flexible. If required you could send a notification for a specific content type or even a single document. If needed, you could apply all three different reading categories on a single library if you needed to each type of notification to have a different e-mail template or because you wanted different recipients.

Configuring a Reading Category for Notifications

To configure a reading category is very simple and to speed up the process some sample e-mail templates have been provided. The image below demonstrates a reading category being edited and the e-mail template including:

  • The recipients of the email
  • The email subject, and
  • The message body

You will notice in the e-mail body that we used attributes that are replaced at the time the e-mail is generated to replace the attributes with the values pertinent to the document. For example [Title] would be replaced with the Title column value used in Document. If you have used Custom columns on your documents then you can also include those values in the e-mail template.

Get Started

You can download a copy now (no credit card required) and benefit from the free Notification feature of Legeris for SharePoint. We provide a PowerShell script installer and an installation guide in our documentation page on this site to help you.